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15 Strategies For Effective Instagram Blog Promotion

A simple method to promote your blog posts on social media is to share links to blog content on Twitter or Facebook. Right, it always works?

The situation on Instagram, however, is a little different because there are no clickable links in the picture captions.

In contrast to other social networks, an Instagram post’s text sharing a link has no inherent ability to drive traffic. It does not, however, follow that you cannot advertise your blog on Instagram or generate visitors for your blog from Instagram.

You need more sophisticated strategies to accomplish your goals because you cannot simply share links to posts in your Instagram updates. You must be cautious to get everything right in order to see an effect.

1. The benefits of using Instagram

Why continue if sharing your blog posts on Instagram and getting traffic from it is so challenging? simply because Instagram is a network with high engagement and rapid growth.

Instagram’s monthly active users have been increasing for years, and this development shows no signs of slowing down. With your Instagram marketing efforts, you could possibly connect with a sizable user base.

In addition to having a large user base, Instagram also has a very engaged community. Instagram photos receive significantly more engagement than those on other social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook free trial followers.

It is simple to strike up a conversation, interact with others, and gain followers. Instagram is also worth your time because connecting with others and creating a network around your specialty are important components of blogging success.

And if you run your blog like a company, you might find it interesting to know that Instagram users are also potential customers.

2. Pick your moniker carefully.

I’ve said it before, and it applies to Instagram as well: Success in social media marketing begins with the fundamentals. Additionally, giving your Instagram account a moniker requires some thought. The least important decision you should make is whether to use your name or the name of the site on Instagram.

How private is your blog, and do you operate it alone? Does everyone in the world know that you have a blog?

Are you merely using Instagram to advertise your site, or could you eventually change careers?

Do you want to promote your site or your own brand?

Sometimes picking the blog’s name makes sense; other times, you’d prefer to stick with your own identity. Additionally, there are instances when using two Instagram accounts might be a good idea.

Make sure your followers can quickly identify the accounts that belong together if you manage other social media identities.

You have a user name in addition to your Instagram handle.

These may occasionally be the same. Another option is to use your name as a company name and the name of your blog as your Instagram handle, or vice versa.

3. A picture of you

Here are 10 steps to promote your blog on Instagram because you can’t just share links to articles in your Instagram updates; instead, you need to use more sophisticated strategies. starting point is whether to ask privately or publicly. If you want to use Instagram to advertise your blog, leave your profile’s privacy settings as they are by default.

Every Instagram account has a personal picture, also known as an avatar. This is the logo for the majority of corporate accounts. You are free to select an image for personal profiles, but I suggest using a photo of yourself so that other users will be able to identify you.

If you select a photo, be aware that Instagram will crop it to a circular.

The profile picture should be 110 pixels by 110 pixels in size. If your logo is square, you might want to use a programme like Canva to make a larger square logo image by putting the smaller square logo inside the larger square’s circle.

Your bio: If you want to use Instagram for writing success, your bio is crucial. The brief biography should be educational and, at the very least, exhibit some personality. A summons to action is an option.

Please take note that using this hashtag in your Instagram bio will not make your picture searchable.

However, since the hashtags in the bio are highlighted in blue, they can showcase what you are about on Instagram. Additionally clickable, the hashtags allow users to go straight to the hashtag stream. If you consistently use a branded hashtag in all of your Instagram updates, it can direct users to the stream of these branded posts.

The only location on Instagram where you can add a clickable link is in the link in your bio. That is why this connection is so crucial. For instance, you can use this link to direct visitors to your most recent blog entry; just update it when you publish a new one. Similar to Jeff Bullas, other writers use the link to provide a Freebie in order to convert Instagram followers into email subscribers.

Many bloggers do this: after posting the blog piece, they will post images that tease it and end with a call to action. In the description, click the link. The clicks on this link will appear in your Google Analytics as Instagram referrals, but you cannot determine which Instagram post caused the clicks.

4. Your Photos

Your Instagram photos must be amazing. Additionally, they need to stick out from the crowd. Use a different (stock) photo than the one you used in the blog article. Make sure to produce Instagram pictures that interest and motivate your viewers to click.

Do not let that frighten you; Instagram can help you transform your subpar smartphone photos into amazing ones. They give you the resources you need to apply filters, crop your picture, and more.

Additionally, you ought to make Instagram pictures with text overlay and graphics using a programme like Canva. There are numerous ways to make blog posts that relate to the material from the picture quotes, please. You can either quote from the blog article or use well-known quotes that are relevant to your content. Make a quote image and check that the text is legible on mobile devices.

assemble data or truth illustrations. These could be statistics or a claim that you make in the blog article.

You can also use images of goods, people, or locations based on the theme of your blog.

Mark your photos!

Additionally, you are permitted to include brief videos in your Instagram uploads. These videos can frequently be used to increase interaction. Your pictures must also convey your brand’s narrative. You need to be consistent in your sharing; for example, if your site is about fashion, your pictures should showcase many outfits, stores, and other fashion-related items. If your site is about gardening, your Instagram feed should include images of flowers in all hues, trees, flowerbeds, and other related subjects.

5. Make use of the post’s comments

Utilize the picture caption

The caption of your post picture is typically what piques people’s interest—or lack thereof. The caption, which they have already read, can pique their interest and guarantee something your audience is interested in reading: your blog post.

Instagram caption writing is a science, but you can master it. And as you gain more expertise, you’ll improve. You will learn what appeals to, elicits a response from, and is not well received followers indian free.

When writing the caption for your picture, bear the following in mind:

Extended might be preferable. The more time someone spends reading and responding to your article, the better. The Instagram system will take note of this and recognise that someone took the time to read your post rather than simply scrolling past it. Your photos will appear higher in the Instagram algorithm as a result.

The first sentence of your caption is crucial because it is what viewers first see; it determines whether they will continue reading or not. Spend time crafting the first sentence by treating it like a headline.

Even if you have to first discover your business voice, use it consistently. Put a summons to action in there. The majority of the time, you’ll use a “find out more on the blog” or a “click the link in the description” or something similar if you want traffic for your blog.

Employ keywords! Finding the best hashtags can be time-consuming, but with practise, you will get better at it, and the work will be worthwhile. Check out my most current article about how to choose the best hashtags for your social media if you need assistance finding better hashtags!

Use emojis and order. Emojis add a personal touch to your caption while line breaks make it simpler to read.

6. Make more posts

With time, Instagram posts become less visible and get less attention. Within six hours of publishing your article, more than half of the comments are already posted. You must post something new when the ability of your previous post to attract users declines, otherwise you risk becoming inactive and forgotten.

I already offered you some suggestions for what you could post; now you should act on them and post more frequently. Posting frequently on Instagram is one way to expand your following. You therefore require a photo or graphic every few hours.

You ought to take into account scheduling some posts because you presumably don’t want to spend the entire day thinking about Instagram. If you only need a few images for the day, take ten minutes to settle down and make a post for each one, perhaps on Buffer. Then, Buffer will see to it that your posts are published at the intervals you specify.

If you choose scheduling, just remember that while a tool can publish on your behalf at a specific time, it cannot reply to comments or engage with your followers. After a few hours, check your Instagram again, and maintain engagement on your update by responding to all remarks.

There is a method to attract more followers, increase interaction, and keep your posts active for a longer period of time. Instagram tales can help you attract more viewers. A portion of this focus will shift to the items in your feed.

7. Increase your fan base

The size of your (engaged) social media following is essential for increasing blog traffic. One of the best ways to increase the attention you can get from Instagram to your blog is to get more followers coupled with other strategies like increasing interaction and finding better hashtags.

Here are some tips to help you increase the number of (targeted) Instagram subscribers on your account:

Advertise your Instagram account on your blog by displaying it there and making it simple for blog readers to follow you there. For instance, you could give out nametags so that people could scan them to track you.

Promote your Instagram presence on your other social media platforms. If you already have a bigger following on Twitter or Facebook, mention your Instagram account there occasionally and add a link to it in your bio.

Promote your Instagram presence to your email subscribers by including a link to your Instagram page in your signature and asking them to follow you there in an email you send to them.

Choose posts from users in your niche when leaving comments on other people’s Instagram pictures. The best method to increase your Instagram following is to interact with other users.

Follow relevant Instagram users; attempt to balance following with interaction. You’ll get better outcomes if you do that.

In your posts about an interview, you can mention the person who was questioned if you use interviews in your content.

Use a scheduling tool to make sure the posts go out at the best moment and post when your audience is online.

8. Where do your blog’s readers originate from?

Your bio is the first place you should consider sharing your blog articles because it’s the only place on Instagram where you can include a clickable link.

You could just point people to your site. Simply write “Click the link in the bio” in the caption when you share a picture from a blog post. This only makes sense if you only share new blog posts because older posts are unlikely to appear on your blog landing page.

9. Interact

Building a following starts with becoming noticeable on Instagram. The level of self-engagement and regard you have for other people’s efforts is a crucial factor. And when compared to other social networks, Instagram has very high business engagement:

Don’t just post something and wait for folks to show up. Use hashtags to make your posts noticeable in the appropriate market or subject. Additionally, use hashtags to find interesting posts and discussions you can participate.

By sharing outstanding photos on Instagram and leaving thoughtful remarks and likes on other users’ photos, you can increase your following. Make connections with others in your niche and interact with their pictures. They’ll think of you and ultimately be interested in your writing and blog.

10. Use hashtags 

Even if you don’t (yet) have a million followers, hashtags have the ability to make your posts noticeable. Perform study Instagram provides you with crucial data regarding caption usage. Choose hashtags that are well-liked but not so well-liked that your message will get lost in the noise. On Instagram, if you type in a hashtag, related hashtags, some of which are more precise, will be suggested.

Without sacrificing the hashtag’s popularity, you should be as precise as you can with your hashtags. A hashtag is rarely looked for if it is overly specific.

Don’t be afraid to use hashtags; you can use a number of them.

Every hashtag gives you the chance to increase the number of people who see your message. Use hashtags for your article only if they are pertinent, though.

Don’t just use the prominent and widely used terms. Investigate your most pertinent subjects. Medium-sized to small niche hashtags have a lot of influence.

11. Do not undervalue Instagram’s impact on image. 

You want to use Instagram to promote your site. The following nine stages will put your blog on the road to Instagram success.

As a blogger on Instagram, you should be searching for more than just blog traffic. A blog’s promotion can take many forms. The impact for your blog will frequently not be limited by the measurable traffic that arrives via your profile link or shared short links if done correctly with branded images and developing a targeted following.

12. Instagram Videos

Instagram stories are changes to your profile that, if you do not save them in a story collection, disappear after 24 hours.

To make your Instagram story more interesting, you can include text, emojis, audio, and other things. In tales, you can posit queries and solicit responses from your audience.

Instagram stories let you share more frequently and with less formal content. Many Instagram users upload several Instagram tales each day but only one “normal” Instagram update occasionally.

Instagram stories are prominent on the platform because they are displayed at the head of your feed.

13. Use the Collection of Stories

By adding your tales to a story archive, you can prevent them from disappearing after 24 hours. This is where you can store the articles for your blog entries. You could, for instance, make an archive of your blog entries and include all articles that link to them in that archive free indian followers.

14. Merge stories and posts

Combining Instagram stories and posts will help you promote your site more effectively.

Here is a tactic you can employ:

Make an article about your most recent blog entry first. If you want more information on the article, write a compelling caption and direct people to your stories.

Share your Instagram feed update to your stories so that it receives more views.

Now, tell some stories incorporating quotes and concepts from the article. Link to the articles that are pertinent to the post immediately.

15. Remain Reliable

From day one, your Instagram endeavours won’t generate much traffic. You must first become active, complete your profile, establish your brand, and expand your following.

And sure, it will be difficult to stick with it at first when engagement is low and your posts are not receiving much attention.

Success on Instagram depends on being consistent and continuing to share, interact, and learn. As you gain experience, you will learn what appeals to your audience and how to attract those in your field. As a result, your blog’s readership, engagement, and traffic will all increase.

Closing thoughts on Instagram blog promotion

It can be challenging to drive traffic to your site from Instagram. However, Instagram can be used to promote your blog.

Since Instagram is one of the most active and connected social networks, it is simple for new users to interact with and engage strangers in conversation. Simply being engaging, participating in discussions, and posting consistently will help to promote your blog.

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